Walk-In Grooming Services in Cornwall

We welcome walk-in customers for services such as nail trimming and tick removal for regular and new customers.



Grooming Consultation

We offer a FREE consultation with Lew! The consultation gives Lew a firm understanding of your dog’s personality, coat type, style and any specific needs they may have. It’s also a good opportunity to make friends with them, and start building up trust.


Nail Clipping

If you are walking your dog on pavements, often you will find the nails will natural stay shorter. Otherwise, normally dogs need their nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks especially if they have long quick’s. When you hear the clicking of nails on the floor it’s time for a trim! 

Priced From: £10.00

Tick Removal

Ticks are commonly found on the dogs skin during the warmer months, and we can remove these during the grooming session for a small additional charge if they are found. If you are aware of a tick on your dog, we can simply remove without an appointment.

Priced From: £5.00

Anal Glands 

All dogs have anal glands. Most of the time your dog won’t need any help to express the glands, however sometimes these glands get impacted and require external anal gland expression to clear the fluid. The treatment is not painful at all for your dog and is preformed gently. 

Priced From: £12.00

Ear Pluck

If your veterinarian has advised you that ear plucking is necessary for your pet, we can assist you. Your veterinarian will need to confirmed that the treatment is necessary. Ear plucking is the gentle removal of hair from the inner ear in order to clear the ear canal.

Priced From: £12.00

Tidy Up Trim

If you have a Bath & Brush appointment, you can upgrade your dog’s treatment to a Bath, Brush, and Tidy Up. This service includes the use of a light feather scissor to style in the areas that require it. Clipping is not included; if your dog requires clipping, our stylists will advise you.

Priced From: £10.00





Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering experience at our studio.