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With a Level 3 City and Guilds qualification to back up years of experience, we are proud to bring to you a professional service in our brand new, top of the range Grooming Studio.



Introducing Lew…

Lew has had a lifelong love of animals and has pursued his passion of animal welfare throughout his professional career. Lew spent many happy years working for the RSPCA and later in a grooming salon, where he learned essential skills and knowledge.

Lew’s Grooming Studio was founded in 2018 by Lew and his fiancée Lauren from the realisation of Lew’s lifelong ambition to work with dogs full-time in a caring environment. With Lew’s Level 3 City & Guilds Dog Grooming qualification and Laurens Level 2 City & Guilds Animal Care qualification, to back up years of experience, they opened a brand new, top of the range grooming studio in Cornwall.

At Lew’s, our mission is to provide an unparalleled level of professional dog grooming catering to the individual needs of all our doggy clients in a loving, and tranquil environment. We are incredibly passionate about your dogs well-being, and are patient and understanding with dogs that may be new to grooming, nervous about being handled, fearful, young or old.

We stay current on the newest advances in the sector by attending seminars and expanding our knowledge and certifications. In 2021 Lew will teach dog grooming to students at Camborne College, sharing his expert experience of professional and attentive dog grooming to clients across Cornwall.

Meet The Team


Introducing Lauren…

Lauren is the co-founder of Lew’s Grooming Studio, which she and her fiancée Lewis founded in 2018. Lauren always had a strong desire to care for animals, so after earning a Level 2 City & Guilds Animal Care certificate and acquiring experience in the sector, Lauren and Lew set out to start their own grooming facility that catered to dogs of all temperaments. Lauren is generally seen working behind the scenes, assisting Lew with the day-to-day operations of the studio. Lauren gives our clients excellent service and enjoys assisting Lew with grooming sessions for our four-legged clients.

Chloe – Stylist

Wendy – Stylist

Gareth – Stylist

Head Receptionist

Grooming Studio

Located in The Lady Basset Building in Pool, Redruth.

We understand your dog is a precious family member, so when you entrust their grooming needs to us, we treat them like a member of our family. We have built our reputation on providing the gentlest, safest and kindest pet care services. 

All our clients receive the same loving care by our qualified and attentive staff. During treatments, cuddles and reassurance is given in abundance, and we never rush a treatment, thus ensuring every doggy client has a positive and relaxing experience. We do not use cages or cabinet dryers and each dog has a one to one groomer, who takes care of their well-being during their grooming session. 

Why Lew's For Dog Grooming Cornwall

Our objective at Lew’s is to provide an unrivalled level of professional dog grooming that caters to the particular needs of all our canine clients in a caring and calm environment. We believe that wellness may be achieved by using a gentle approach to grooming that addresses both the physical and emotional requirements of each dog who enters our studio.


Stress Free Grooming For All

Here at Lew’s we are committed to serving ALL breeds and personalities of dogs, regardless of previous or present undesired behaviours. We believe that gentle introduction to our grooming studio and building a strong bond with our groomers, that most problematic behaviours can be overcome. We pride ourselves on providing the very best care and attention, giving your dog the respect and treatment they deserve. 

Nervous Dogs 

Many owners tell us that their pets are scared in the grooming setting, which is why we designed our Grooming Studio to be a calm, quiet, tranquil setting that will welcome even the most apprehensive of dogs. This, combined with Lewis’ passion for assisting those who struggle with grooming, distinguishes us from other groomers…


We specialise in and are committed to serving ALL types of dogs. Regardless of previous or present undesired behaviours. Your pet will be given the best care and attention, as well as the respect they deserve. Most problematic behaviours stem from fear; knowing this is the key to establishing trust and being able to not only successfully groom, but also to convert grooming into an overall positive experience.

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Lew’s Grooming Studio welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes. Every dog is different, and we treat them all with the respect they deserve. We can assist you if your dog is scared and frightened, or if you are unsure about the type of grooming your pet requires. Please contact us if you’d like to set up a free consultation.


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Lew’s Grooming Studio, The Lady Basset Building, Church Road, Pool, Redruth, TR15 3PT